Geriatric Dentistry

Dentistry for senior citizens. Gum diseases, pyorrhea, loose teeth, and missing teeth. All can be easily resolved using General Dentistry techniques (see section on General Dentistry, Dentures and Implants).

Geriatric Dental Concerns

Teeth Decay

  • ► Increases between ages 55 – 75
  • ► Elderly are keeping teeth longer

Combination of constant assault by everyday activities such as bruxism, chewing, and difficulty in daily oral hygiene increases incidents of caries.

Treatment of decay indicated by extent of decay

  • ► Fillings
  • ► RCT
  • ► Crowns
  • ► Dentures
  • ► Implants


Gingivitis : inflammation of gums

Periodontitis : loss of attachment of tooth root to bone

  • ► Between the ages of 35-44, there is normally 22% loss of attachment
  • ► Between the ages of 65-75, there is normally 55% loss of attachment
  • ► For 75 years or older, three is normally 65% loss of attachment

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