Children Dentistry

Start early and save dental trips. Bi annual dental checkups are recommended for the entire family including your tiny tots.

The first tooth appears before a child’s first birthday. Ask us how to be dentally aware to prevent early cavities.

The first physical check up at the dentist should be completed at least by the age of 6. This is the time when the child is losing his milk teeth and gaining the permanents which are going to last the rest of his life.

Persistent Lip/Thumb sucking and/or over retained milk teeth which refuse to shed off as per schedule can lead to crooked, protruded or even absent permanent teeth which may progress to the need for Braces.

RCT and fillings are also indicated in children and are conducted at Om Dento Care.

Regular dental visits are an important element of your child’s oral health. If your child has an increased risk of tooth decay or unusual growth patterns she/he may need more frequent dental visits.

During the initial dental check-up we will discuss your child’s medical and dental history. Your child’s teeth will be examined and cleaned to remove any plaque or unsightly stain build-up that could irritate gums or cause tooth decay. Your child’s systemic fluoride status will be evaluated and a fluoride varnish may be applied to prevent cavities and strengthen teeth. Your child will also learn the proper techniques for brushing and flossing and the importance of limited snacking.

Even if your child has never had a cavity, she/he can still benefit from regular visits to assess any changes in your child’s oral and facial growth and development. Your child may need fluoride supplements or sealants. We will also identify any orthodontic problems and suggest treatment to keep your child’s smile beautiful.

Our Doctors are specially trained to work with children and will talk to your child in a way that they can understand using words, pictures and ideas. We want our patients to be motivated and able to take responsibility for their health.

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